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Our Bold Holiday Gift Guide

Our Bold Holiday Gift Guide

'Tis the season! Whether you're seeking the perfect gift for the mommas on your list or shopping for yourself (which we fully support), we've got you covered with some of our favorite nursery and newborn items. At Baby Boldly, we believe everything starts with momma. If we care for mommas, then mommas can take care of their baby. Many of these carefully selected items have made our day-to-day job of mothering a newborn a bit more comfortable, and have put our minds at ease knowing we're creating a safe nursery for both momma and baby to enjoy! Read below for a "teal-inspired nursery" with helpful items that look amazing, too. Best part? You can shop from this guide! Love it? Click the links below to add to your cart. 

1. Sound Machine

Hatch Sound Machine 

Babies sleep well with white noise, simulating the noise they heard in mom’s womb. We love that you can control this from your phone, and transition with it to toddler years for an “okay to wake” clock! *Also* if you yourself like white noise and a sunrise wakeup to a calming sound like windchimes, Hatch makes an adult version of their popular sound machine. I got it for Christmas last year and have used it daily!

2. Feeding Pillow

Get comfy and save your arm muscles during the long hours of feeding that babe! The moon shaped design is comfortable for you to “wear” while breathable for your baby to be on while nursing or bottle feeding. It’s machine washable too, which is a huge win!

3. Baby Blanket

Keep baby warm in the stroller or lay on the floor for comfort while baby is playing. We love this bold color!

4. Baby Boldly Prepacked Birth Bag

If you haven't packed yet, and want to be Fully Prepared for birth or gift this to a momma to make her all ready for baby - THIS is THE gift. Our most popular birth bag provides you with over 30 carefully-sourced birth-stay essentials and thoughtful items to bring you the comforts of home - all packed for you in a timeless easy-to-clean weekender bag that adapts to motherhood with you long after birth!

5. Wipes Warmer

Keep baby’s bum warm during middle-of-the-night changes. Would you want a cold wipe down there at 2am? Neither would we. :)

6. Nursery Rug

Brighten up your nursery with these happy and bold colors and patterns.

7. Diapers

Essentials, need we say more? But for real, we’ve loved this brand for our own babies!

8. Expectful App

At Baby Boldly, our passion for maternal mental health was our fuel for founding our business, and it continues to be our mission to support moms. The Expectful app is a subscription-based mental health app for women trying to conceive (TTC), pregnancy, and postpartum. What an unexpected, yet useful gift for a momma!

9. Newborn Swaddle

Help baby stay calm (and asleep!) through the startle reflexes in the middle of the night and naps. This one fits newborns so well, and is easy for parents to wrap!

10. Baby Bathtub

We love that this takes you through baby’s whole first year of bathing, and beyond!

11. Nursery Wall Decals

A simple way to add some bold details that make you smile during tiring times. Here's another cute option.

12. Diaper Pail

Trash those diapers in this smartly designed pail. No special bags needed, just your regular kitchen trash bags will do! Made of steel and does the job to lock in odors.

13. Blackout Curtains

Set baby’s room up for maximum sleep. Especially great for creating a fully dark environment for daytime naps and early mornings!


We hope you knocked off some of your shopping list, or gathered ideas to tell friends and family what is on YOUR list this year! You deserve it, momma!


*Some of the links in this guide are affiliate links, which means that Baby Boldly may receive a small commission when you purchase these items, at no additional cost to you.


Authored by: Jenny Long-Innes. 

Jenny is the Brand Integrator for Baby Boldly! She lives in Jacksonville, FL with her husband, Pete, and her three beautiful kids - Hailey (6), Becca (4), Walker (2).

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