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Giving the Gift of Empowerment

Giving the Gift of Empowerment

There are few things a momma needs more than empowerment and confidence going into her birth experience. It's easy to get caught up in cute things for baby! If you're still searching for the perfect holiday gift, or looking ahead to 2023 baby shower gifts for the mom-to-be in your life, look no further than our perfectly practical and thoughtful offerings here at Baby Boldly!

Within each of our signature pre-packed weekender bags, we're helping you gift:

  • comfort
  • preparation
  • empowerment
  • long-term

We carefully source birth stay essentials and thoughtful items to bring mom the comfort and luxuries of home - all packed by us, so she can spend her time elsewhere.

Here are our five favorite items that bring a sense of empowerment to our mommas:

1. Water Bottle

Our reusable "strong as a mother" water bottle is the perfect companion for frequent sips during birth, and long after. During those early postpartum months, hydration is so important for mom's recovery and if she's breastfeeding baby. To be reminded you are strong with each sip you take on a stressful day? Just makes the exhaustion feel a little bit lighter. *Packed in our Fully Prepared and Happy Medium, and Surrogate Birth Bags, also sold separately.

2. Nursing/Carseat Cover

"Hey Momma, you got this"... right on the visible tag of our nursing cover that doubles as a carseat cover. Because even through the exhaustion, momma's really DO got it. It's a simple reminder that even though the work of mothering may seem impossible, she was made for it. *Packed in our Fully Prepared Birth Bag and also sold separately.

3. Thank You Cards + Pen

One of the best ways to lift up yourself, is by lifting up others. Birthing teams of nurses, doctors, and others work tirelessly to prepare mommas for the best experience possible. Our pre-packed cards help mommas feel like they can easily give a quick thank you back to the people they are grateful for; without a lot of preparation or time. *Packed in our Fully Prepared and Happy Medium Birth Bags.

4. Grip Socks 

When the bottom of her feet say "strong as a mother", something inside her just FEELS it is true. Comfort + strength = mom power (while staying safe on the hospital floor!) *Packed in our Fully PreparedHappy Medium, and even our Surrogate and Minimalist Birth Bags.

5. Birth Affirmation Cards

We created this set of birth affirmation cards to promote her intentional prep for birth. There's an untapped power within a mother's mindset that can carry them through their anxieties and body's innate ability to endure their labor and birth experience. 

Gift yourself or a loved one with this beautiful birth affirmations card deck of 30, enclosed in a magnetic closure box. *Sold here separately from Pre-Packed Birth Bag.


Still unsure exactly how you'd like to empower the momma in your life? You can't go wrong with a Baby Boldly Gift Card so she can have the ultimate gift of choice!

When you gift a momma empowerment, you're gifting a treasure to the whole family.



Authored by: Jenny Long-Innes

Jenny is the Brand Integrator for Baby Boldly! She lives in Jacksonville, FL with her husband, Pete, and her three beautiful kids - Hailey (6), Becca (4), Walker (2).

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