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Holiday Gift Guide for Gifting First Time Grandparents

Holiday Gift Guide for Gifting First Time Grandparents

Whether you’ve just shared the news or you’re about to share it, we’ve got six clever gift ideas for your parents who are becoming first time grandparents! They’re the perfect combination of sentimental and practical. Warning: it might be hard to choose! 


1. Floral Subscription

Who doesn’t love fresh flowers in their house? Each month your parent(s) could enjoy a fresh arrangement delivered to their door with your gift of a floral subscription. For those of you whose parents live a distance and cannot visit regularly, you can include a note with each floral delivery. In it you could share how you’re feeling each month of your pregnancy to make them feel closer to you. #happytears

2. Digital Photo Frame 

This isn’t anything new, but they’re getting better and easier to use. And we all know a picture is worth a thousand words. Getting to see your latest, even through distance, would definitely make for a special holiday gift. You can share bump pictures and eventually pictures of baby. The pictures will loop happy moments for your parents to enjoy. 

3. Custom Calendar

Gifting your parents a custom calendar for the new year ahead is a gift they can adore all year long. They’re likely going to buy one for themselves, so this makes it the perfect practical and personal gift to give. It’s easy to design a beautiful calendar that suits their style and we’re sure you’ve got some beautiful maternity photos to share, or perhaps you’ve already got new family photos taken or a newborn shoot to incorporate.

4. A Custom Puzzle

A custom puzzle is not only sentimental, but something fun and interactive for your parents to enjoy anytime. You can choose a special photo of baby or reveal your pregnancy with a cute saying. It’s simple to design and Collage makes it easy to produce a quality custom puzzle. 

5. An Embroidered Blanket

‘Tis the season to snuggle with a blanket and this certainly makes for a cozy gift-option. Your parent(s) will love receiving something this special to display on their furniture and snuggle with anytime. Having something in their house that officially endows them with the title “grandparent(s)” will make for a meaningful gift this season.

6. A Paper Time Capsule

This is a unique gift that allows your parent(s) to share about their own wisdom and stories with their new grandchild. Full of precious prompts, each questions gives them the chance for their grandchild to learn more about their family. Your parent(s) will love the opportunity to share about themselves with their grandchild in this “paper time capsule”.

We hope you’ve got some gifts ready to give, now! It’s such a special gift to give to your parent(s) as they become first-time grandparents. It’s a new chapter for them, in its own unique way, just as it is for you, too! Commemorating it with a sentimental gift over the holidays is just the beginning of the precious memories to come. Which one(s) did you choose?

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