The “rael” truth about organic lady products

by Megan Mangiaracino

The “rael” truth about organic lady products

Let’s talk about our lady bits! heard that right.

You’ve probably noticed the “feminine hygiene” row at Target getting lined with more and more packages that tout organic cotton.

We see it everywhere now – but what does it really mean when it comes to Aunt Flo?

Here’s the bottom line: Organic cotton is bleached with peroxide rather than chlorine.

Why does that matter?

Chlorine is known to emit a chemical called dioxin, a carcinogen that has been linked to causing cancer, among other health concerns. Conversely, peroxide is a naturally occurring compound that can be found in trace amounts in rain and snow. Now, this isn’t meant to sound the alarm. The FDA regulates dioxin exposure and has ruled non-organic tampons and pads to be safe. Still, knowing even the tiniest traces of these toxins could be released can create valid concern, especially when you consider that it’s being absorbed in and near your V. (V is for vagina, by the way.) When we began exploring brands to include in our pre-packed birth bags – Belly & Bag – we considered many. Some were more traditional, not organic but certainly had effective absorption. Others were organic, fragrance-free, wood pulp-free with limited absorption and others were somewhere in between. Ultimately, we decided to include two Rael organic overnight maxi pads in every Belly & Bag for your hospital birth.

Here’s why we selected Rael:

Made with responsibly sourced organic cotton from Texas

Considering the dioxin exposure, organic became more important to us as we researched this subject. But we love that Rael takes their cotton selection further than just certified organic. By supporting farms in the USA, we can rest assured knowing this cotton is sourced from quality farms with fair working conditions.

Great for sensitive skin
High customer satisfaction
For womankind.

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The “rael” truth about organic lady products
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