The Baby Boldly Academy Awards: Our Nominees for Parent Sanity-Savers

by Megan Mangiaracino

The Baby Boldly Academy Awards: Our Nominees for Parent Sanity-Savers

Roll out the red carpet for Baby Boldly’s 2019 Academy Award Winners for Sanity-Saving Baby Products! Sanity can be slippery when you’re a parent, especially when you’re sifting through racks (or pages) of possible baby products, trying to anticipate your (and your baby’s) needs. Quick note of advice: take this list and every other list you read that starts with “Best” with a grain of salt. Sometimes it is spot on, and other times, what works for a million other households, won’t for yours. That said, when another parent (particularly one you know and trust) says “this thing is a lifesaver!” – take note. So here are the “sanity-savers” from two mostly sane moms that you might know and can definitely trust.

And the Nominees Are….

Skip Hop 3 in 1 Activity Center

This has everything you want in an activity center: textures, colors, engaging (but not annoying) sounds, detachable toys for easy cleaning, and a sleek, modern design that isn’t an eyesore. Best of all, it grows with baby and is the perfect activity/kid table for toddlers. Buy it here

Water Wipes

Have you ever read the ingredients list for an average baby wipe product? Often they contain benzyl alcohol, which the Environmental Working Group (EWG) rated 5 out of 10 on a hazard list. (If you’ve never been to this site before, it is fascinating to lookup all of the safety/hazard ratings on everyday products!) After lamenting over many diaper rashes, we made the switch to Water Wipes and never looked back. Despite being pricier and having a less-convenient dispensing design than many leading brands, these wipes saved my (baby’s) bum! Buy it here

Milkbarn Organic Muslin Swaddle Blanket

I found muslin swaddle blankets to be the most multipurpose item in my home: blanket, spit up catcher, sun protection on a summer day, quick nursing cover, nose cleaning wipe, and the list goes on… If you live in a warmer climate (like Florida) this lightweight and breathable fabric is a way to cover and protect without overheating baby. These swaddle blankets by Milkbarn are still as soft as they were on day 1 and have been washed weekly for nearly 2 years. And the designs are adorable, to boot. Buy it here

Medela Quick Clean Breastpump Wipes

When I prepared to return to work after maternity leave and was packing up my breast pump, a mom-friend recommended these wipes to me. I hadn’t even put thought to how I would wash my breast pump parts after each pump session. These individually wrapped wipes were perfect to throw in my bag or desk drawer and make cleanup that much quicker and safer. Buy it here

Hatch Baby Rest

This started as an alternative to the time-to-rise clock for my toddler when she transitioned in the the novelty of a “big girl bed”. I was pregnant and needed more rest than her middle of the night visits to my bedside, and it worked! I liked it so much, I got one for my newborn, just for different reasons. From it’s modern design and sleep-expert-based color options to it’s remarkable sound quality and programmable schedule, this product is a must-have! Added bonus – no need to get up/risk disturbing your babe – you can adjust any features of the unit from the app on your phone! #genius I would go so far as to recommend a name change on this product: “Hatch Parent Rest”… Buy it here

Tommee Tippee Easi-Roll Up Silicone Bibs

Once you enter the world of baby food, your house chores increase exponentially. I don’t believe in any other bibs, no matter how cute they are, except these silicone bibs. Forget about spending your very valuable time getting unforgivable stains out of your adorable fabric, “highly absorbent” bibs. When you clear the table from your meal, simply give these silicone bibs a quick scrub together under the tap and allow to air dry. In this scenario, I choose efficiency over fashion every time. These are true sanity-savers. Buy it here

Who would your “Oscar” go to for baby product sanity-savers? #babyboldly

Megan and Natalie are co-founders of Baby Boldly, mom-bosses and best friends. Both are married to supportive husbands with young babes ages 4 years, 1 ¾ years, and 8 months). Megan is a full-time nonprofit fundraiser in Florida, while Natalie is a former event planner, now stay-at-home mom. They believe moms and dads are the rock of a family’s foundation, and that parents deserve the utmost support in their journey to and through parenthood. Together they are living out their calling through the mission of Baby Boldly – empowering growing families.

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