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Getting to Know Leak-Proof Underwear

Getting to Know Leak-Proof Underwear

Hear me out - Reusable Postpartum Underwear.

I know, I know; it can seem odd or a little bit scary, or just unknown. But I repeat... I am a proud owner of reusable underwear and it's been SUCH a great addition to my monthly care plan.

Our Newest Product: Leak-Proof Postpartum Underwear

Why we made this: 

Times are changing and there are so many more options for women to care for their postpartum and monthly period bleeding. There can certainly be a time and a place for pads, disposable underwear, tampons, cups, BUT ALSO a much welcomed space for fully washable, reusable underwear. Comfort, confidence, leak-proof, and sustainable. Makes it a great choice to add into your repertoire. Think of your bathroom products as your toolbox for caring for your needs. You don't always have to reach for the same tool each and every time!

How it works:

Put on our leakproof underwear and you're good to go. No seriously! These high-waisted, full coverage, seamless underwear have absorbent layers that run through the bottom and back to keep you dry and comfortable; without leaking! When you're through wearing them for the day or if you wore them overnight, just give them a rinse in the sink or tub to get out any initial blood. (and if you have a crying child and have to skip this step, then no worries!) When ready to launder, throw in washing machine on cold and hang to dry. At the end of my week of wearing all of mine, I throw all of my pairs in at the same time, on their own. Easy!

When to use:

Leakproof Underwear can be used for many stages of life. Wear:

- during pregnancy for protection and comfort with discharge

- at the end of pregnancy in anticipation of your water breaking

- on the way to the hospital, incredibly helpful if your water has already broken! Wish I had these years ago while soaking my clothes and front seat of the car ;)

- for postpartum bleeding, with or without the extra coverage of a pad for those early, high bleeding days

- during the day or at night (sooooo comfy!)

- for when your period returns after baby; on their own, or with a tampon or cup for extra coverage on the first few days

Who can wear:
If you are a woman in the child-rearing years, these can be for you! Seamless for ultimate comfort for c-section scars.
How to try:
Order your pre-pregnancy size! They are stretchy!
Try out just one pair, or do a 2-pack or 4-pack (perfect for getting you from one load of laundry to the next!)


We hope you love our underwear that truly supports mom.


Authored by: Jenny Long-Innes

Jenny is the Brand Integrator for Baby Boldly! She lives in Jacksonville, FL with her husband, Pete, and her three beautiful kids - Hailey (6), Becca (4), Walker (2).

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