Belly & Bag: From Concept to Community

by Megan Mangiaracino

Belly & Bag: From Concept to Community

Here at Baby Boldly, we have been working behind the scenes for more than a year on our first product and it’s truly a game-changer for expecting mommas. In today’s post, Natalie shares how we’ve taken this idea from concept to community, culminating in a special event for Bold Mommas. We’d love for you to follow the final stages of our journey to launch “Belly & Bag” – sign up to stay in the know!

Baby Boldly Co-Founders Natalie and Megan toasting a milestone on the road to launching Belly & Bag

An Idea is Born (Also a Baby)

It was my second pregnancy and among many feelings, the dread of going through all the unsorted clothes I had saved (aka: tossed up into the attic) from my firstborn was upon me. It was a surprise, so the rearrangement of the house to accommodate our growing family, pulling down old toys, clothes and furniture from storage, etc. was cumbersome. Not to mention my husband and I were both working full time and had a high-spirited nearly-three year old. There was plenty to decide upon, including packing my second hospital bag.

Having been through this once before, we seemed to team-up a lot more confidently than the first time around, yet the hospital bag was one of my biggest frustrations. Why was this such a pain to pack? I knew what I needed and what I didn’t and what I wanted to do differently this time, and yet I still researched list after list, procrastinated and cursed the entire process. It occurred to me, after hours upon hours of online research, and multiple package deliveries to the house, why wasn’t there a comprehensive pre-packed hospital birth bag for sale that I could have shipped to my house? Now THAT would be helpful in countless ways.

Eventually I got my bag packed, but I never put it in my car. I just left it at the doorway of our bedroom, as if I MIGHT need it some time. Sure enough, my due date came and went, just as it did with my first pregnancy, and at my next appointment the doctor indicated I needed to go straight to the hospital for an induction. In my husband’s apparent relief that the anticipation of waiting for our baby’s arrival was now securely over, he called my mom to ask her to commence operation baby #2, which meant assuming care of our three year old, checking on our dog and grabbing my hospital bag still at the bedroom doorway in our home.

Belly & Bag Begins

It all worked out, but I couldn’t let go of how much time I spent preparing that essential hospital bag. I guess I thought it would be easier to pack the second time around, but it simply wasn’t. I remember casually mentioning the idea of pre-packed hospital birth bag to my husband one night over dinner, to which he said the idea was “brilliant”. Excited, I shared the idea with my dear friend and business partner, Megan, who shared the idea with her husband and the first branch of our business tree budded.

Megan and I set off on a journey together, picking up resume qualifications we never thought we’d earn. We stewed over clever business names, and eventually chose: “Belly & Bag by Baby Boldly” with a tagline of: “You’ve got the Belly. We’ve got the Bag.” After more than a year of research, ethical sourcing and bag prototypes, we’re proud to announce that we are nearly ready to launch a pre-sale of the ultimate, pre-packed hospital birth bags for expecting mommas.

A Community of Moms

We recently hosted a preview party in Jacksonville, inviting local mommas to preview the bag prototypes and all of its contents. (This was a huge milestone for us, hence the champagne toast in our photo!) They provided us with invaluable feedback on our initiative that we are using to make final tweaks before offering it for sale.

Products displayed at our Preview Party in event in Jacksonville, Florida

Now this bag is way more than a comprehensive, pre-packed, stylish, dual-purpose hospital birth bag relieving mommas of time and stress from packing their own bag — it has community buy-in. It is indicative of what it means to come together and help each other in motherhood. It’s a bag packed from one mother to another. It takes a village to raise a baby, but it takes a community of fellow moms to support a new mom. We all know, first hand, that we can’t do it alone. We must recognize the imminent transformation that is awaiting our pregnant friends. Gifting her with a pre-packed hospital birth bag is just one tangible way we can embrace her.

Do you or a momma you know need a Belly & Bag? We thought so. Sign up and stay in the know! 

Today’s Bold Momma

Natalie is co-founder of Baby Boldly, wife to James and mom to Abigail (4 years) and Mabel (1 year). Her passion (alongside pizza and chocolate) is with new moms and dads, striving to empower them for improved birth and postpartum experiences and changing the way society relates to new moms’ and dads’ unique needs.

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