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12 Months Later: How the Baby Boldly birth bag is still serving me

Mom with Bag + Baby

Written By: Barbara Nelson, M.A. CCC-SLP, CLC, CBS; our Parenting Education contributor

My baby just turned one! On the occasion, I am reflecting on how my pre-packed birth bag from Baby Boldly is still useful to me postpartum! 

1. The bag is now baby’s new travel bag. It's got all the pockets for all the things.

2. Grippy socks. I kept my socks clean and still wear them at home... I have cold
feet no more!

3. The Robe. My hospital gown got messy and in keeping my Baby Boldly robe, it served as an easy breastfeeding and pumping bra cover in the early days and now is my post-shower robe. This lightweight beauty is a triple treat because I can put it over my outfit during meals so I stay mess-free prior to leaving the house. This way I can avoid sticky hands on my outfit and arrive looking clean.

4. Waterproof cosmetic bag. Or is it? This has been used for several things including, but not limited to: a toiletry bag for overnight trips, a nursing pads container, and now a tampon/pad holder that can easily be tossed in any bag, be it my purse, work tote or diaper bag.

5. The changing pad. This lives in my car as a backup - have you ever been
somewhere you forgot the diaper bag and didn’t have your babe's changing pad
or backup diaper handy? It's a series of unfortunate events.

6. The nursing balm. Nipples, chapped hands, dry lips - what isn’t this stuff good on?!

7. The bag. Now, I know I’ve already listed this as my babe's travel bag, but those 11 pockets are good for more than just travel organization. It’s actually a fabulous source of unassuming toddler entertainment! They can put something in - take something out - repeat. Pockets and compartments for days for my toddler to find little (safe) treasures. #motorskills

8. Massage ball. My partner’s education in lower back rolling is still of great use, 
especially after picking up a heavy baby out of a low-set crib repeatedly. You
cannot simply lift with your legs for this.

9. This one is kind of a no brainer- of course the extra phone charger is great to
have! No one wants a dead phone while out on an adventure with their toddler.


10.The mini hairbrush. Ahh yes, gone are the days where my hair stayed untouched after taking the time to style it. After those tiny adorable little hands undo what you’ve done, you can tame the mane just before arrival that you prefer to look less like a lioness.


So there you have it - ten ways the Baby Boldly birth bag is still serving me twelve
months post-birth!


Written By: Barbara Nelson, M.A. CCC-SLP, CLC, CBS

Barbara is a first-time mom and speech-language pathologist. Her career predominately has focused on pediatric hospital based evaluation and treatment of infants and children with feeding disorders. This career choice makes sense, because for her, food is one of the best simple pleasures, medicine, and promoter of social connectivity available. She believes that feeding a child is more than just calories and that those connected moments stay with us forever. She strives to provide research and facts regarding the gold standard, but never chooses for a family because the parents always know their child best (even on day one). Barbara is contributing to the Baby Boldly team as Parenting Educator. 

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