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Return Customer!

I received my first pair as a gift and like them so much I ended up ordering 2 more. They are very comfortable and super absorbent. I mostly wear them to sleep and have never had a leak. For reference, I have Thinx comfort stretch hiphuggers which work for daytime but have leaked overnight. Plus these panties are a bit thinner and have flatter, less binding seams. Speaking of seams, I have also had a few pairs of Knix, which have thin seams but after a while they actually came apart. I wash all my panties in cool water in a garment back and hang to dry. No quality issues with the Baby Boldly panties! Finally, I love that these are OKEO Tex certified, especially after the Thinx lawsuit for containing PFAS. Take home: excellent quality and durability, superior comfort without binding panty lines, safe nontoxic material, and excellent absorbency. These are now my go-to!

Side note- if you are between sizes and have never been described as bootylicious (lol) I would recommend going down. I’m a size 4-6 5’3” and 125 lbs and was worried that the xs/s would be too tight, but they’re perfect.

I was so excited to give this to my sister and she absolutely loved it! The bag is big and great quality. I know she was very happy that she doesn’t have to worry about what to pack for the hospital with everything else to think about!

Great quality

Great quality and great customer service.i made a mistake on the size I ordered for my daughter and they fixed it and went me a replacement immediately!

Straight to the point and worth it

As a full time working new mother, I did not feel like any of the time spent on any of the videos was wasted. This course was straight to the point and highlighted key information to consider as a new parent. I did not feel like I was being sold a product, but rather, valuable information to consider when there are so many options in front of you. There are plenty of books out there that can dive deeper into the topics discussed, but it's important to recognize these as the key topics when doing your own research. There was even a topic on nursing support pillows which I did not find in many of the other videos and books I have spent time reading/watching.

First time moms look no further.

Recommend for 1st time moms and a good reminder for 2nd time ones. In just 45 minutes you can learn a ton. Give it a try!

Better than my birthing class

This course taught me things that I didn’t know before, especially when considering what to choose for bottle-feeding, and how not to use pacifiers. I think this would ease anybody’s mind that was becoming a new parent and didn’t have any prior knowledge going into it.

Highly recommend!

This course is great for expecting or new moms. Could even be great as a refresher after each baby. The course is informative without being overwhelming, especially if you're expecting or in the throws of new baby/first time motherhood. I would definitely recommend this course to any of my friends who would be expecting. It was simple, but lots of information on the important topics you'll experience or need for your baby. Highly recommend!


I liked that the content was simple and to the point. It was helpful to have a basic broad overview of baby care and information. I also appreciated the use of a credible speaker so that you know the information is valid.

Short, sweet and full of information (without the fluff other courses provide)

Love that this course is taught by a professional, of whom is also a mother. There are plenty of gentle reminders that the course is for informational purposes only and it covers a lot of really great material in a short amount of time without all the fluff that some websites will give you - covering topics that I would never have thought to cover. There are great recommendations offered in the course, as well as solid visuals, in-depth explanations of different products, and some of the alternatives that are offered. One of the highlights of the course is that it really emphasizes that things are certainly not a "one-size-fits-all" when it comes to you and your baby.

Very informative

A wonderful course for first-time moms and beyond! A good overview of some of the most important topics that will impact moms in the early days of baby’s life. I’d highly recommend.

Diaper Backpack

I bought this as a gift so really can’t review. Nice back pack! Lots of room for all the essentials. Wish it was boxed for gift giving.

Answers to all the questions

This course was fantastic for new moms. It had the answers to all of the questions that I had to google (with various unhelpful answers) because OBGYNs and the hospitals don’t always provide information once you’ve had your baby. I wish that this had been available before I had my little one!

Instructors are informed and inclusive

The course is very informative, and thoughtfully presented in a cohesive manner. The instructors are informed and inclusive, and provide great content, resources, and suggestions.

Other classes I've taken didn’t cover a lot of the stuff that Baby Boldly is sharing in this course.

I honestly loved this course. It was a great refresher as I am in my third pregnancy. I definitely didn’t think I was going to learn anything new, but I definitely loved the breast-feeding section as well as breast pump section because they give you options and they go a little bit more in depth in those sections which I loved. I would definitely recommend this to all types of mothers whether it’s your first or your fifth. It’s definitely a great refresher as well as super informative for new mommies.

Great information, clear, concise and helpful

This course was great information, clear, concise and helpful. It would be particularly helpful for moms or parents who don't have other moms or support systems who could've helped them out. There is a lot of good info that is covered and it is not overwhelming or lengthy, so easier to retain, especially in the newborn stage.

Good taste to get you started or a refresher

This course is a great overview for newborn feedings. Whether you are nursing, pumping or using formula, there is important information and tips. The information isn’t overwhelming, but a good taste to get you started or a refresher if this isn’t your first newborn.

Excellent course to get you started on the basics of breastfeeding

As getting ready to be a first time mom with no prior information, this is an excellent course to get you started on the basics of breastfeeding your baby. It has great information on learning different ways of feeding your baby through breast or pump, what to look out for as far as red flags, sizing your breasts for pumping and making sure you have your resource person set up prior to giving birth (which I definitely would not have thought that I needed to do). I would definitely check it out. I look forward to more content from Baby Boldly.

Absolutely loved this course!

Absolutely loved this course! I have 4 tiny humans, and still learned new things! Looking forward to future courses.

Feeling empowered and confident

This course is thorough and thoughtfully laid out to help a new or expecting mom navigate their tiring, yet beautiful road ahead. A seasoned mom may also find a few good nuggets of information as well. It is easy to understand in short, digestible videos that leave you feeling empowered and confident in your decisions. This would be a great gift to send to someone expecting, or purchase for yourself if you need some easy to understand advice, without the pressure to buy this or that. Looking forward to more courses!

Wish I had this course with my first baby!

I wish I had this course with my first baby! Even after 12 babies I still found this course very valuable and even learned some things!

Recommend to Soon-to-be-Moms

I think this is overall a really great course and super informative! A lot of this information I was hearing for the first time, and nobody else told me over my entire pregnancy. I recommend it to soon-to-be-moms.


I got this as a Christmas gift because I'm due in about a month and I've been stressing about all the thing I still need to do. It was awesome to get this bag and have basically everything I already needed set up! I feel so much more prepared. I got the "happy medium" bag and added a robe to it from the Baby Boldly store (I've also added some "extras" that I need - clothes to go home in, contact lens solution, listerine, and extra pair of socks). Now I'm all ready to go to the hospital when the time is ready!

Super Soft

These are very soft and comfortable postpartum undies to keep on hand. Can be used also for cycles.

Goes the Distance

This robe is everything I was looking for- lightweight, comfortable, has pockets, and is super cute with the lace details. Perfect for the delivery room, postpartum lounging and nursing, and beyond. Mine has been going strong for over a year!

Review from a Certified Nurse Midwife.

I ordered one of these ("Fully Prepared" with the Floral bag) for my Daughter in Law 9 months ago and she really loved it! So I ordered one of the Backpacks (Fully Prepared in Bourbon) to see if this is actually something I would recommend to my patients. I will say that the box was quite nicely packaged as I received it and the items were nicely packed in a ready-to-go bag. I will say that when I ordered, I guess the drop down menu did not record that I requested the XL sandals and instead of exchanging the unused item, I was charged for a replacement, plus shipping. Not sure a $5.00 pair of flip flops couldn't be exchanged. Especially because their satisfaction guarantee states that "if you don't love it, we'll make it right." Also, the items might be purchased for less, But in all, the bag was really nice, it is extremely convenient, and I would recommend. (The info on Postpartum depression and resource was a really nice touch too). Thanks! The Mom I choose to gift this bag to will certainly love it.