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Based on 85 reviews
Best gift!

Bought this bag for my sister-in-law who is having her first baby. She said it was the best gift she received at her baby shower. She was very relieved this was one less thing she’d have to worry about.

Luxurious and stress relieving!

Straight out of the box, the quality of the material makes this bag feel luxury. Upon opening the bag I was pleasantly surprised to see how neatly everything was packed, just as if I’d packed it myself! I really appreciated the extra space in the bag as well for convenience of adding my own things like clothes ect. It came with all of the toiletry essentials I personally know I would use as well so I’m not worried about wasting much. All in all, I think that you’ll know as soon as you see and open the bag that you are getting more than your moneys worth! Not to mention the relief of knowing I’m prepared this time around for labor unlike with my first haha! I am beyond impressed! Thank you so much to the staff at Baby Bodly! You guys are fabulous!

My Daughter in law Loved the bag. It really set her mind at ease, one less thing to have to worry about.

Nice but over priced

Very small toiletries. Everything is great quality. Would have been more cost effective if purchased separately


Thanks for your review! We've done the most up-to-date math, and one of the best parts of our product is that it is actually over $100 savings if you were to pack it yourself with the same non-toxic products.

You could, however, pack the bag yourself for less money packing lesser quality products. But apples to apples, it's over $100 in savings, not including the value of your time spent packing.

Additionally, shopping online is a different experience than in-person, we try to provide as accurate imagery as possible to show everything that is packed. Did you feel the size of the toiletries suite was inaccurately shown or described?

Your feedback will help us continue to improve and as a small mom-owned business, for that we're thankful!

Great bag!

I saw the baby boldly bags on some list or blog and figured I’m planning so much and putting so much together for my first baby, that I should treat myself to a semi pre-packed hospital bag. I got the Minimalist bag since the others had extra stuff that I didn’t need. The bag is huge! It will fit more than enough of the things I need for the hospital and afterwards I plan to use it as a diaper bag.

Birth Bag: The Minimalist

Perfectly packed with love

Everything that comes in this pre packed bag is great! It saves me a lot of time and worrying that I have everything. Definitely a great purchase and worth the money !

Very carefully done!

I bought this maternity bag as a gift for my daughter in law. We were both thrilled with the special and thoughtful way the items had been assembled. Thanks for a lovely and practical gift.

Favorite gift!

Success! I always like to give gifts that are special and useful, and not just something on a registry. The birth bag was a hit! Every lady at the party asked where it came from and the mama-to-be couldn't stop talking about it. The thought and care that went into each item and the quality was amazing. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Daughters third

Love the bag! My daughter is having her third baby. 3,1 and a new one, and needed a bag with good organization. This bag is pretty, sturdy, and has lots of handy pockets. All the little perks inside, helped to make my daughter feel special. Very pleased with what I purchased! Would recommend.

Birth Bag: Fully Prepared


I bought it for my daughter I have to say it was the best thing had everything she will need I just added pjs and a outfit to wear home love it

Love it!!

Absolutely love my pre packed hospital bag! Having two toddlers and a new baby on the way made it hard to find the time to pack my hospital bag so when I found this product I felt like it was meant to be! I had a tiny issue with some spilled toiletries and they made it right by sending a new kit immediately! Awesome customer service and amazing quality products! Excited to put it all to good use soon!

Exceeded expectations

I was so blessed to be gifted this bag. I’m due to have my second child in just a few short weeks and have been scrambling to get everything together. Even though this is not my first child and I even had recommendations for what items to pack and bring on my own I still felt overwhelmed. Once I received this kind gift and opened it, seeing all the items, and the adorable extras I immediately felt a huge relief. The products included are all natural & they thought of everything! Even down to a phone charger. The little things that I would have forgotten. Let’s not forget about the quality either. The towel is superb material and super soft, the robe included is awesome as well, along with the bags themselves which will be a great diaper bag in the near future. They even included a waterproof changing pad for baby! One of my favorite extras was the little things like the sealed document holder & lists of documents not to forget to bring & definitely the reminders for what your birthing partner should bring for themselves. They even included a book, thank you cards, & a pen as well!
There’s tons of extra pockets on the bag itself as well inside and out. The smaller travel bag is super cute and now my new favorite cosmetic bag. I’m a huge fan of more natural products and methods and this package had nothing but natural products!
Even the hairbrush came with hair ties which will definitely come in handy. They also have multiple patterned bags to choose from. Like I mentioned before this is not my first child but I would absolutely recommend this to every mama I know expecting. This helped me prevent from under packing and over packing as well.
I give this a 10/10 and certainly would recommend the “fully prepared” package. Worth every bit and these items will definitely be used after birth as well.
Let’s not forget the empowering note that’s written especially for encouragement and a reminder of how strong we really are. I feel so much more confident and ready.
I absolutely look forward to paying this forward to others as well!
Thank you for making such an amazing package, clearly made with care, and helping us be more confident!

This order was a gift

This order was a gift to my friend on her journey to motherhood. I was gifted the fully prepared birth bag and it brought me so much joy and relief of being packed- I wanted to pay that feeling forward. She loved it! Best baby shower gift ever!

Chic and convenient. Excellent customer service!

I bought the birth bag for a friend and it was so convenient and included everything she needs for delivery day. Customer service was excellent too

Best decision!

As a first time mom, it’s overwhelming with how much prepping is needed. Getting this bag is a huge relief and takes so much off my plate as I get closer to my due date. I can’t wait to use all of the items included.

Absolutely amazing

I ordered this for my second child to take care of some of the stress as “two under two” is faster approaching. I highly recommend it. Everything I need is already packed in perfect little pockets. It’s worth every penny.

Highly recommend

All I had to do was wash everything and put it back. I was good to go! I’m c section and was in the hospital for 4 days. I didn’t need anything else besides, a hoppy pillow would have helped a lot. I used the bag as a diaper bag for a year. Unfortunately the zipper just broke. I’m buying this again for my second bc I don’t feel like packing. Happy delivery moms

Baby Boldly Bag - Mother’s Day present for my daughter

She is expecting her second baby in August. She loved it! Based on her experience the first time, she appreciated the different items included. She loved the quality of the natural products, several she has used. The dry shampoo was a big hit! Who knew?

The teal color and size of the bag is something she can continue to use.

Based on her reaction, I have recommended the Baby Boldly Bag for my friends who are grandmothers-to-be.

Bold as a Mother Tumbler
Kaitlyn Pennington
Great gift!!

Got this cute tumbler for my sister as a Mother’s Day gift and she already takes it with her everywhere so goes! She loves it!


I have ordered several of the Baby Boldly bags for friends, family, and colleagues. To take the guess work out of packing or even just having something that gets that basic process started is heavenly. The quality of the bag is fantastic and the products are all extremely high quality! I am always proud to give this as a gift!

Perfect Mommy Hospital bag

It had everything you need for the big day. My sister absolutely loved it. Perfect idea!!

Very thoughtful bag packed with care. Affirmation letter was heartwarming. Very useful i only needed fee things to add.